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Tuition 2023-2024 School Year- Open Enrollment begins March 1, 2023

Tuition and Class Fees

Full-time Tuition


Single Class


Advocate Services Add-on


Service Trip

We plan to have international and domestic mission trips for the 2023-2024 school year.

Enrollment Fee


One2One Tuition

One tuition payment includes placement for your student in Valor Global Online as well as an education scholarship for one child in a developing nation. Our focus for the 2023-2024 school year will be the Tongko Village School in the Philippines, NCompass student scholarships in a Haitian school, and Ushindi Orphanage and School in Kenya, Africa. View our FAQs for more information on One2One and Global service.

Payment Details

Tuition may be paid in full or on a ten-month plan of equal payments for August through May (partial-year tuition will be prorated based on days of attendance).

  • Sibling discounts: Receive a 10% discount on additional students.
  • Paid-in-full discount: Receive a 2% discount if you pay in full by July 1.
  • Referral discount: Receive a one-year 10% discount for every enrolled student that you refer to Valor Global Online.

Enrollment Fee

$200 per student, due with the application. The enrollment fee is required for new students and to re-enroll current students. (Family maximum of $600.)

There are no refunds. This enrollment fee must be paid in order for your application to be processed.

What is the difference between full-time and part-time?

Full-time students enroll for all major courses with us, and we are their main school. Part-time students may join for one, two, or three classes, at a per-course rate, and complete the remainder of their classes at another school or in a homeschool.


Sometimes, circumstances are such that students need to leave midyear. Midyear withdrawals are any withdrawal from the first day of orientation prior to the first day of school, up to the final week of school. Students leaving at the end of a school year will be formally exited, and transcripts released, upon completion of the current school year's payment plan.

Please send formal withdrawal notice to with the student’s name, grade level, and final date of attendance with Valor Global Online.

The tuition for the month of withdrawal dates is not prorated. You will be charged for the entire month even if you unenroll partially through a month.

To honor our commitment to the students sponsored by families’ tuition, we charge a $350 withdrawal fee per student for any student who withdraws midyear. This payment covers the remainder of the cost for our sponsored students and allows us to keep all students enrolled in their school for the school year. Thank you for your support of our international sister schools.

Learn more about us through a live information session.