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Current Family

FAQ for Current Families

Tuition and Expenses

How has your school changed since the coronavirus pandemic?

We have added a number of students and staff to support the growing needs of online learning. Many schools and teachers were not prepared for the unprecedented shift to virtual education. We were. In our third year, we have seen a large growth in our social community among students and families; the size of our school has increased, and we have maintained close connections with advocates and teachers. We have increased our scholarships and live teaching times to help new students adjust to virtual learning. We have increased our commitment to social-emotional wellbeing.

We are ready to partner with new students and families who are ready for a supportive, holistic education that cares for you and your student.

Learning Environment

What grade levels are offered?

Second through 12th grades are offered for the 2021-22 school year.

One2One and Service Learning

Does my student need to be a Christian to attend Valor Global Online?

No; our students do not have to sign any statement of faith to attend. Chapel is optional for students. Impact groups contain a strong Christian component but are built around serving others and many of our students find that they form their closest peer relationships in Impact groups.

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