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Valor Global Online is unlike any other online school you will find today because of our unique combination of a connected community, and global, missional, and purposeful learning.

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Apply for the 20-21 school year now. We accept applications year-round. Join us anytime. Be a part of a school that has navigated the online education world and developed a connected community.

Valor Global Online is proud to be the first and only global service-driven, online learning community for students in 3rd-12th grade.

When a student enrolls in Valor Global Online, a child in a developing nation will also receive an education because of our One2One global initiative.

How we are different

Our accredited courses are taught by qualified instructors in an easy-to-use format that encourages socialization and connection with other students and families. All tuition programs come with wellness evaluations as a part of our holistic approach to learning. All students and parents receive 1:1 mentorship and regular (daily) check-ins. We offer individualized learning plans for students and international study abroad programs.

Providing all these programs for one price, in one platform, makes Valor Global Online unlike any other school in existence.

Valor Global Online uses fully accredited courses. We are an online school with physical ‘sister’ campuses in the USA, South Korea, and the Philippines. Valor Global Online students receive a high school diploma from Valor Christian School International upon graduation. At all Valor locations, online and abroad, we grow together and we serve together. We believe that every child will thrive when they learn to master their personal strengths and circumstances for their purpose. We pull back the curtain to each unique individual child to target their specific gifts, skills, and abilities to become the best version of themselves.

The Facts Matter

Students in an average US classroom suffer from depression and anxiety


Global employers find it difficult to recruit skills they need


Students with emotional and behavioral disabilities drop out of high school

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the US for ages 12-17

We see a current education system that was relevant 40 years ago still trying to fit our kids into a box or worldview that wants them to just blend in, to take the easy road. It teaches them to test versus learn, think like everyone else, just get by, and prepares them for jobs that are not, nor will ever be life-giving or fulfilling. Most education offerings do not have the resources, patience, margin or tolerance for individual thinking, flexible learning, and applicable life lessons. As a result, students feel a lack of validation, encouragement, purpose, and meaning in their lives.

The evidence is clear and motivating. We started Valor Global Online to move these statistics in the right direction, to make waves, break chains and be the generation to start a movement to reshape education.


The Valor Promise

Valor students will be the change agents of the world, with intention and vision guiding every decision they make. God is clear in Proverbs where there is no vision the people perish. We will give students the vision and tools they need to live a faith filled life of meaning, prosperity, relationship, adventure and joy.


Think about Martin Luther King Junior. He had a dream for a United future and shared it in some of our nation’s darkest days. His idealism was key to the Civil rights movement. Susan B Anthony picked up the cause of women’s suffrage and paved the way for giving women the right to vote. Movements generally started with a small group who infused their dream for a better future into the hearts and minds of those around them. Our history books are full of preposterous ideas which moved to reality and have lasted for generations!


Could We Be Your Match?



In our class offerings, including business and entrepreneur courses; relevant and authentic assessments and content



In our flexible schedule, availability to students around the world, one-2-one global matched giving, and campuses across the world.



In our service components integrated into the curriculum, courses and learning content; whole-child approach, weekly chapels, and international connections/



In our daily meetings with advocates and peers, live study groups and classes, weekly family connection points, and integrated social opportunities for both students and families.

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