Please talk with your children

Dear Valor families,

We want to take a moment to thank you for your partnership. As we bring our school year to a close, we recognize it has been a year like no other, filled with numerous unforeseen complexities. Valor has been on a special journey from its inception. It has been built by a beautiful community in partnership, and this year has only strengthened the richness of this bond. So thank you for standing with us and for your ongoing communication, which has always made us better.

Valor’s model of One 2 One represents our core value of using our voices, resources and talents to stand for the disenfranchised. Recent days have only strengthened our resolve to do this more effectively as a whole community. We stand with our nation in prayer. We want to take a moment to share with you some resources we have found valuable as a staff. It is our hope to partner with parents on educating our children effectively on the issues of racism.

While discussions on racism have been a part of our curriculum throughout our school over the years, we want to be more effective in the way we partner with our parents on this topic. When we see one person being dishonored or oppressed, it is so important to teach our children to use their voice to stand. As we partner together, we believe we can learn from one another and gain greater understanding of how we support each other in celebrating our diversity and unique heritage.

At Valor, we believe we can be a light to the world on how to have an open dialogue that brings healing to the disenfranchised. However, this must be a community effort by all. We have shared some articles which you may find useful when discussing this topic in your home.

Our children take their cues from how we act and the conversations in our homes. Those are cues they bring into their school. In my home we have discussed this topic by understanding that as a family we will always stand on the side of justice. When we stand on the side of justice, we rise up, speak and take action when someone has been or is being oppressed. We learn to hear and understand how we can do a better job as a family in educating ourselves and taking action to be a bridge of hope and unity for so many. When we stand on the side of justice, we can support the amazing police officers sacrificially serving our communities each day and other cultures and races that are not given the justice they deserve. Too often we approach this topic from a place of defensiveness and pointing fingers, or we do not address this topic at all. Sometimes we may feel helpless or uncomfortable in this conversation.

Let us teach our children to ask questions to learn and really hear.

Let us take personal responsibility to educate ourselves on how we can be a part of the solution.

Let us teach our children to be people who have empathy for others’ stories.

Let us teach our children to use their powerful voices to lift up the downtrodden.

It is so important to discuss this topic as a family and as a community. When we know better, we do better. As Valor administration, we will commit to examine our own practices on how we hire staff, admit students, train our staff and equip our students to ensure equity for all. We greatly value your partnership as we empower this next generation to be the voice of change so desperately needed.


Starting with the heart of our Heavenly Father on this topic is essential. Scripture shares numerous verses on justice, many more than are shared here.

Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.<

Proverbs 33:5 The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.

John 13:14 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.

Additional Resources:

I welcome your dialogue, questions and shared resources on this topic.


Angie Taylor
Head of School
Valor Christian School International & Valor Global Online

This was sent to all parents and staff on June 1, 2020.