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Valor Global Online Summary

Valor Global Online is an online, Christ-centered school that distinguishes itself with daily check-ins that focus on the student as a whole, small classes, an entrepreneurial track, and more. The school is in its fifth year of existence and is expanding while maintaining its high-touch, personalized focus.

Valor Global Online has physical campuses in the USA, South Korea, and the Philippines. Through our One2One tuition program, we also sponsor schools in Haiti, Kenya, and Guatemala.

Valor Global Online is fully accredited through Cognia, the world's largest accrediting agency. We offer virtual classes based on Valor's core philosophy and values. We also offer unique, student-centered elective options. Classes are delivered in an easy-to-use format that encourages socialization and connection with other students and families. We value the whole child and offer physical, emotional, and spiritual opportunities as well as cognitive. We also offer international study abroad programs, as well as an annual weeklong service trip for high school students.

We help all students to succeed.


We value genuine relationships with others.


In our flexible schedule, outward-focused curriculum, One-2-One global matched giving, and campuses across the world.

Creator Mindset

We are always learning with a growth mindset.


We honor God with our lives and actions.


We equip each student in their unique giftings.

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