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Language Arts

Language Arts 3-4, Language Arts 5, Language Arts 6. Language Arts 7, Language Arts 8, Language Arts 9 A&B, Language Arts 10 A&B, Language Arts 11 A&B, Language Arts 12 A&B, Honors Language Arts 9 A&B, Honors Language Arts 10 A&B, Honors Language Arts 11 A&B, Honors Language Arts 12 A&B. Additional classes may be available.

What courses do you offer?

Our course curricula are chosen and adapted to both a) satisfy graduation requirements and b) provide a unique, authentic, and student-centered experience. Students work with teachers to determine appropriate speeds, content mastery, and production of material rather than simply memorizing a textbook or other online resource.

Our courses are offered in a virtual environment with regularly scheduled live classes, which allows for a social and communal aspect to the course that many online school environments lack.

The courses come with:

  • Prescriptive remediation – opportunities for utilizing prerequisite skills, objectives, and external resources
  • Text to speech – all pre-built courses come equipped with text-to-speech software
  • Notes and bookmarks – students can draw notes, save them, and bookmark the page for reference
  • Adaptive pre-assessments – students can demonstrate mastery of course content, allowing them to bypass ‘busy work’ or repetitive content
  • Audio and text translation – for monolingual or ELL students, the software allows for text and audio translations into multiple languages.

For more information on the curriculum, contact us.

In addition, Valor Global Online staff

  • Customize supplemental reading curriculum to match the Lexile of each learner. This information is gathered from their MAP scores
  • Provide additional support through online resources
  • Set goals (personal and academic) with students
  • Design alternative testing assessments

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