Valor Global Online School

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost per month?

$50 application $200 Enrollment $5000 All inclusive

How much is yearly tuition?

$ 1,000 for full year of 1 class and advocate $335 per trimester for trimester classes $450 ½ credit (½ year)

What does a typical week look like for students?

A full time student will be able to take up 7 classes. Students are expected to check into their core subjects 3 days a week and elective subjects 2 days a week. All full time students will participate in an Impact class which is where they will collaborate with students around the world. This happens once a week. Students can either attend the class live or watch a recording of this class.

What does a typical day look like for students?

Students will be greeted every morning with either a video or live zoom call from their advocate. The advocate will walk students through goal setting for the day, along with prayer and meditation time.

How many total hours for students each week? How many are live hours?

3-4 Hours per day total This is variable dependent upon class chosen. Students can expect to meet with a live advocate once a week if not more, but have unlimited access should the student need additional support or encouragement. Teachers and tutors will meet with students as needed. Most classes will happen via videos with occasional teacher check ins on the student.

What is the live connection point being used on a weekly basis?

Zoom calls through our advocate. However, there are multiple opportunities through the week for students to collaborate with peers, meet with teachers, tutors and interact in their global community.

Can students work at their own pace?

We will have a recommended pace for students to ensure they do not fall behind on their studies. We will modify that pace according to the student’s need.  

Can they start anytime, if they can not start at the beginning of the school year?

Yes, there is a rolling start date.

What areas do the mission trips serve?

Kachamega, Kenya (outside of Nairobi) Tongko Village, Philippines (outside of Manilla) Titeyen, Haiti (outside of Port a Prince) Portland, Oregon

How many mission trip occur each year?

1 trip a year

What is the approximate cost of a trip?

$500-$3000 (be dependent upon student location)

How are kids empowered to raise Mission funds through service rather than asking?

We provide funding strategies and opportunities throughout the year, along with deadline payments broken down throughout the year.

Who are the partner schools who participate in Mission Trips?

Valor Korea and Valor USA will partner with them online.

What day is Chapel?

Middle/School High School chapel is currently on Tuesday and will always be recorded and accessible to watch later..However, this is subject to change, when school begins Impact groups are Thursday are usually a live and pre-recorded global community interaction. Students will collaborate along with other students on chosen.

What is the Start Date?

The official launch date is September 4th.

What curriculum will be used?

We use a large variety of curriculum which we have modified with the Valor Way in order to ensure Biblical integration, real world academics and meaningful application.