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Meetings On Zoom Every Wednesday at 9am ET (6am PT & 8am CT)

For questions, you can text Jason Ansley at 352-537-8696

Join the D.O.V. Private Facebook Group HERE

Dads of Valor! As discussed in Dallas, we want to give you this opportunity to connect with one another and to help equip you to lead your homes well by being plugged into a Bible Study.

This is not mandatory and we know many of you are involved in other studies. But we would love you to participate.

Our heart is that as Dads of Valor, we will know and connect with one another each week so when we meet in person for events; we have a strong foundation of fathers upon which Valor Global Online is thriving because our homes are thriving because we as husbands and dads are thriving!

So come join us each week on Wednesday mornings. As growth informs, we will add additional days/times of the week in order to keep the groups optimal for conversation and connection around the topics and verses.

Register to receive the Zoom link HERE if the form above does not work.