Valor Global Online School

Course Catalog

Language Arts

Language Arts 6. Language Arts 7, Language Arts 8, Language Arts 9 A&B, Language Arts 10 A&B, Language Arts 11 A&B, Language Arts 12 A&B, Honors Language Arts 9 A&B, Honors Language Arts 10 A&B, Honors Language Arts 11 A&B, Honors Language Arts 12 A&B, Creative Writing, Contemporary Novels


Math 6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra A&B, Algebra 1 A&B, Algebra 2 A&B, Consumer Math A&B, Geometry A&B, Honors Algebra 1 A&B, Honors Algebra 2 A&B, Honors Geometry A&B, Integrated Math 1 A&B, Integrated Math 2 A&B, Integrated Math 3 A&B, Pre-Algebra A&B, Pre-Calculus A&B


Life Science 6 A&B, Earth & Space Science 7 A&B, Physical Science 8 A&B, American Government, American History A&B, Civics Economics, Honors American Government, Honors American History A&B, Honors Economics, Honors World History A&B, World Geography and Cultures A&B, World History A&B

Social Science

Social Studies 6 A&B, Social Studies 7 A&B, Social Studies 8 A&B, Anatomy and Physiology A&B, Biology A&B, Chemistry A&B, Earth Science A&B, Honors Biology A&B, Honors Chemistry A&B, Honors Physics A&B, Marine Science, Paleontology, Physical Science A&B, Physics A&B, Renewable Energy, Space Exploration

World Languages

Chinese 1 A&B, Chinese 2 A&B, French 1 A&B, French 2 A&B, French 3 A&B, German 1 A&B, German 2 A&B, Spanish 1 A&B, Spanish 2 A&B, Spanish 3 A&B


Art Explorations, Art Appreciation, Art History, Basic Drawing, Beginning Painting, Character Education, Child Development, Computer Basics, JavaScript Game Design, Keyboarding, Music Appreciation, Psychology A&B, Python Multiplayer Adventure, Sociology, Scratch Coding, Study Skills and Strategies, Theater Studies, World of STEAM

Health & P.E.

Health A&B, Physical Education A&B, Individual and Team Sports

Advanced Placement

AP Biology A&B, AP Calculus AB A&B, AP Calculus BC A&B, AP Chemistry A&B, AP French Language and Culture A&B, AP English Language and Composition A&B, AP English Literature A&B, AP European History A&B, AP Government and Politics A&B, AP Physics 1 A&B, AP Spanish Language A&B, AP US History A&B, AP World History A&B

Career Electives

Accounting, Arts Careers, Basic Web Design, Business Law, Career Planning, Computer Basics, Digital Media (Coming 1/1/2019), Digital Photography, Film and Television, Financial Literacy, Graphic Design, Intro to Business, Intro to Java Programming, JavaScript, Journalism, Media and Communication, Medicine, Photojournalism, Python Multiplayer Adventure