Valor Global Online

Course Catalog

Language Arts

Language Arts 3-4, Language Arts 5, Language Arts 6. Language Arts 7, Language Arts 8, Language Arts 9 A&B, Language Arts 10 A&B, Language Arts 11 A&B, Language Arts 12 A&B, Honors Language Arts 9 A&B, Honors Language Arts 10 A&B, Honors Language Arts 11 A&B, Honors Language Arts 12 A&B. Additional classes may be available.


Math 3-4, Math 5, Math 6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra A&B, Algebra 1 A&B, Algebra 2 A&B, Business Math, Geometry A&B, Honors Algebra 1 A&B, Honors Algebra 2 A&B, Honors Geometry A&B, Pre-Calculus A&B. Additional classes may be available.


Science 3-4, Science 5, Life Science 6 A&B, Earth & Space Science 7 A&B, Physical Science 8/9, Anatomy and Physiology A&B, Biology A&B, Chemistry A&B, World of STEAM. Additional classes may be available.

Social Science

Social Studies 3-4, Social Studies 5, Social Studies 6 A&B, Social Studies 7 A&B, Social Studies 8 A&B, American Government, American History A&B, World Geography and Cultures A&B, World History A&B, Global Impact. Additional classes may be available.

World Languages

Available as student self-led class: Chinese 1 A&B, Chinese 2 A&B, French 1 A&B, French 2 A&B, French 3 A&B, German 1 A&B, German 2 A&B, Spanish 1 A&B, Spanish 2 A&B, Spanish 3 A&B


Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, Photography, Music, Entrepreneur classes. Additional classes may be available.

Health & P.E.
Health A&B, Physical Education A&B, Individual and Team Sports
Career Electives

Business and Entrepreneurial Skills, Coding.


Our course curricula are chosen and adapted to both a) satisfy graduation requirements and b) provide a unique, authentic, and student-centered experience. Students work with teachers to determine appropriate speeds, content mastery, and production of material rather than simply memorizing a textbook or other online resource. Teachers host online office hours weekly to meet one on one with students, furthering the personalization of their courses. Some of our courses are offered in a hybrid environment, which allows for a social and communal aspect to the course that many online school environments lack.

In addition, Valor Global Online staff

  • Customize supplemental reading curriculum to match the Lexile of each learner. This information is gathered from their MAP scores
  • Provide additional support through online resources
  • Set daily, weekly and monthly goals (personal and academic) with students
  • Design alternative testing assessments based off the learning style of each student