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How We are Different

Our accredited courses are taught by qualified instructors in an easy-to-use format that encourages socialization and connection with other students and families. All tuition programs come with wellness evaluations as a part of our holistic approach to learning. All students and parents receive 1:1 mentorship and regular (daily) check-ins. We offer individualized learning plans for students and international study abroad programs.

Providing all these programs for one price, in one platform, makes Valor Global Online unlike any other school in existence.

Why are we different?

Valor Global Online uses fully accredited courses. We are an online school with physical ‘sister’ campuses in the USA, South Korea, and the Philippines. Valor Global Online students receive a high school diploma from Valor Christian School International upon graduation. At all Valor locations, online and abroad, we grow together and we serve together. We believe that every child will thrive when they learn to master their personal strengths and circumstances for their purpose. We pull back the curtain to each unique individual child to target their specific gifts, skills, and abilities to become the best version of themselves.