Elementary Electives Instructor

Our students are looking for elective teachers who can work with them at all levels and across a range of interests. They want someone who will respect and engage with them, be responsive to needs, questions, interests, and faith journey, and who sees whole-child learning as a way to grow in a relationship with God. Students are supported through live classes, cross-curricular, authentic assessments and activities that encourage students to engage with others in their community and classes. We are seeking a person passionate about their elective topic as well as service, global competence, and relevant content and application. 

Elective options include, but are not limited to, arts; exercise and Physical Education; chess; robotics; culinary arts; outdoor adventures; coding; STEAM; and creative writing.

You would be responsible for the development of new curriculum and/or personalizing or editing pre-existing curriculum; facilitating students during live, synchronous class time, initiating and responding to student and parent communications regularly.

Job Description

  • Support students’ learning in your elective area(s)
    • Facilitating live, online classes one to two times per week per class (30-45 minute, pre-scheduled live times)
    • Providing external resources to students as needed, including videos, activities, and websites
    • Fostering online discussion and virtual conversation groups
    • Engaging students in live collaboration
    • Grading and maintaining updated records of student assignments 
    • Communicating with student, parents and advocates on a weekly or more basis
  • Develop curriculum to have missional, global, and relevant connections
    • Differentiating lessons, content, and assignments for academic, spiritual, emotional, and/or physical needs
    • Authentic assessments for monitoring of progress and evaluation of learning
    • Connecting students to each other and community members
    • Integrating Biblical teaching within each unit
    • Developing course material that align with national standards and Valor Global Online’s vision
    • Contributing to curriculum development for courses and course sequencing
  • Contribute to Valor Global Online community
    • Attending weekly live staff meetings
    • Leading at least one professional development meeting of your choice and passion
    • Establishing and maintaining connection to teachers and staff and families

Compensation will be based on the number of classes taught and the number of students enrolled. Compensation is generally $750-$1000 per trimester. Each elective topic will last one trimester. This part-time, contractor position may be split into multiple teachers based on expertise, availability, and passion for the topics.

Dates of service:

August 26, 2020 – June 15, 2021