Bible and Theology Instructor

Our students are looking for a Bible teacher who can work with them whether they have a lot of background knowledge or none, and whether they are active Christians or are not. They want someone who will respect and engage with them, be responsive to needs, questions, interests, and faith journey who sees language and learning as a way to grow in a relationship with God. Students are supported through live classes, cross-curricular, authentic assessments and activities that encourage students to engage with others in their community and classes. We are seeking a person passionate about service, global competence, and relevant content and application. 

You would be responsible for adapting the previous year’s curriculum and/or creating your own with guidance as needed; facilitating students during live, synchronous class time, initiating and responding to student and parent communications regularly.

Job Description

  • Support students’ learning in Bible reading, practices including prayer and devotions, and theology
    • Facilitating live, online classes once or twice per week per class (30-45 minutes, at pre-scheduled times)
    • Providing external resources to students as needed, including videos, activities, and websites
    • Fostering online discussion and virtual conversation groups
    • Engaging students in live collaboration
    • Grading and maintaining updated records of student assignments 
    • Communicating with student, parents and advocates on a weekly or more basis
  • Develop curriculum to have missional, global, and relevant connections
    • Differentiating lessons, content, and assignments for academic, spiritual, emotional, and/or physical needs
    • Authentic assessments for monitoring of progress and evaluation of learning
    • Connecting students to each other and community members
    • Integrating Biblical teaching within each unit
    • Developing course material that align with national standards and Valor Global Online’s vision
    • Contributing to curriculum development for courses and course sequencing
  • Contribute to Valor Global Online community
    • Attending weekly live staff meetings
    • Leading at least one professional development meeting of your choice and passion
    • Establishing and maintaining connection to teachers and staff and families

Compensation will be based on the number of classes and the number of students enrolled.

This part-time, contractor position can be split into multiple positions across teachers, or can be allotted to one person, dependent on availability and fit. The high school and middle school courses last two of three trimesters (two 12-week grading periods) and the elementary school course lasts through the school year, meeting only once per week.

Dates of service:

August 26, 2020 – June 15, 2021